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Сварщики Mig/Mag (Финляндия)

Номер объявления: 5610547

Сварщики Mig/Mag (Финляндия)

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  • Местонахождение Rīga
  • Добавлено 13.10.2016 12:10

Employment Status: Full time 
Vacancies: 4
Welders 135 and 136 of the black metal 4-8mm / plate.
The material thickness: 4 - 20mm
free accommodation.
the first contract to the end of the year.
Location: Finland, Jyväskylä
Products are different kinds of components and entities to pulp and paper, wood and mining industries.

- If possible valid welders certificates Mig or Mag welding.
- English language skills basic level.
- EU Citizenship.

Salary Benefits: / Company pays.
- Free pension
- EU Health Insurance 
- Vacation money
- The employer organizes the accommodation  (Also, family accommodation)
- long contract
- free insurance and social security in Finland + EU.

D&D Invest Office:
Finland Helsinki.
Jari Tiitto / tel: +358 400 862837