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Щенки Аляскинского маламута

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Щенки Аляскинского маламута

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  • Местонахождение Dundaga, Dundagas pagasts, Dundagas novads
  • Добавлено 21.10.2016 07:50

Available for sale Alaskan Malamute puppies, born 22.07.2016.

Alaskan Malamute is a very friendly breed that loves children, sports and an active lifestyle, is obedient and very sweet when they are properly brought up.

Puppies pedigree has the world and European winners.

Puppies father Lords Marius Dundaga Lux is Latvian champion, the winner of the open class in  Alaskan Malamute speciality in Tallinn in 2012, which was attended by more than 50 Malamute.

Mother Karla Dun Daga in 2011 World Dog Show in Paris was one of the 6 best Alaskan Malamute bitches in junior class,

 Puppy grandfather is Dartons Ridal Dun Daga, who in 2012 was the best male in Alaskan Malamute speciality show in Tallinn, received the title of Best head, Dartons many times was best of breed and  group winner, in world dog show 2009 he won 3rd place in junior class (out of 30 among the world's best juniors).

Grandmother Umma Alberta is Interchampion (7xCACIB) and 3 times recognized as the best of breed, 7 times for the best opposite sex.

Grandfather on the maternal line Buffalo Bill Inditarod a long time was one of the most famous black Malamute in Europe, lived in the Czech Republic, International Champion.

Grandmother  through the maternal line Darra Ridal Dun Daga is Latvian champion has repeatedly been the best bitch, once the best in breed and Best in Show winner in Group 5 Club show 2010.  Puppies are deworming and grafted, has identifications nr and with the EU veterinary passports.

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