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Механик, Голландия

Номер объявления: 5656286

  • Добавлено 27.10.2016 12:50
  • Сфера Техника и механика

Mechanic / Netherlands
Location: Groot Ammers, Netherlands
Application date November - December 2016

Project information:
Start date January 2017
Place of work Groot Ammers Netherlands
Duration - the employer is interested in long term cooperation.
Age / Gender Not important, skill is leading
Nationality EU
Languages English – to be able communicate with colleagues
Working hours 07:00 – 16:30
Breaks 2x 15 min, 1x 30
Shifts Day shift
Estimated hours 40 / week
Extra hours: YES
Drivers License: YES

Financial data
Gross hourly wage Hourly wages, depending on experience, 
Netto salary: between € 11,85 and € -13,91. 
Annual surplus is given when work continues in next year.
30% for extra hours
50% on saturdays

Rent          Insurance
€ 85,00      € 19,50

Travel expenses Singles travel distance Allowance per 4 weeks / 20 days
0 tot 10 km € 0,-
10 tot 15 km € 60,-
15 tot 20 km € 84,-
20 km of meer € 120,-

Job description:
In the workshops in Great Ammers a broad range technical services are offered for both internal and external customers.
- Assembly & Modification of construction
equipment (convoi exceptionnel)
- Services & Maintenance of ‘convoi exceptionnel’ equipment (tractors, trailers, module vehicles).
- Independently repairing and/or revising vehicles
- Independenty searching and finding faults on vehicles
- Performing preventative maintenance on vehicles.
- Assessing the technical state of the object to be repaired and reporting this to ‘work coordination’
- Flexible and service oriented attitude, with work focusing
around and on weekends (excluding Sunday ) .
In short, alternating work on small and large equipment. 
All high quality, top of the bill, machinery.
Is it your dream to use your technical knowledge and skills to work
with technically advanced machines and vehicles, in an environment that will make many technical hearts beat faster? Then we are looking for you!

- Technical education of (at least) an intermediate level
(mechanical engineering, mechanics)
- At least 2 – 5 years of relevant, similar experience
- Knowledge of hydraulics
- Knowledge of electronics
- Experience with welding- and construction work
- Good practical skills on the operational level
- Precise & accurate
- Able to work independently and organize own work
- High flexibility and service oriented
- Quality conscious
- Willing to develop in the field (by expanding technical
knowledge and capabilities)
- Experience with MAN , Volvo and DAF is an advantage.
- Ability to communicate with colleagues in English

Contact Information
Contact Name: D&D Invest
E-mail info.ddinvest@gmail.com
Contact Phone: +358400862837 (Monday – Friday)