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Abarth 500C

Sludinājuma numurs: 3508785

Abarth 500C

600 €


Piedāvāt cenu

  • Virsbūves tips Kabriolets/rodsters
  • Reģistrācija 01.2013
  • Atrašanās vieta Tallinn
  • Pievienots 30.08.2014 22:21

Informācija par automašīnu

Marka un modelis: Abarth 500C


Hazet 6150-1ct

For highest torque values

Especially suited for industrial climbers
Application on wind turbines, dockyards, heavy industry, on commercial vehicles etc.
To be disassembled in two parts (6170-1 CT: three parts) with release tool
In carrier bag with carrying handle and shoulder strap
Release accuracy tolerance ± 3% of scale value (in direction of actuation) (6170-1 CT ± 4%)
Screw tightening also possible with ratchet shaft. For torque controlled screw tightening always use the complete wrench.
Made In Germany

1000 Nm Torque Wrench
Weight only approx. 10 kg

Actuating force only 590 N (60 kg) at 1000 Nm
Length of ratchet shaft 903 mm, handle 930 mm

Additional information:

Set with 2 pieces
Length: 1788 mm
Downforce: Square 20 mm (3/4")
Weight: 10,45 kg
Torque min: 400 Nm
Torque max: 1000 Nm
Scale graduation: 5 Nm
Tolerance: 3 %




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