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Balansēšanas iekārtas

Sludinājuma numurs: 5593758

Balansēšanas iekārtas

1 150 €

  • Atrašanās vieta Rīga
  • Pievienots 08.10.2016 15:55

balansēšanas iekārtas
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BalKom-1 is portable balancer used to balance rigid rotors in their own bearings (in-situ) or as embedded measuring system in the balancing machines. It provide on-situ (field) single- and two-plane dynamic balancing services for fans, grinding wheels, spindles, crushers, pumps and other rotating machinery. Balancing software provides the correct balancing solution for single-plane and two-plane balancing automatically.
BalKom-1 is simple to use for non-vibration experts.

BalKom-1 includes:

1- two-channels USB interface unit for PC connection with filters and integrators.
2- two vibration sensors based on Analog Devices ADXL series.
3- optical sensor (laser tachometer)
4- digital scale
5- software provides measuring vibration, phase angle, calculation of value and angle of correcting mass.
(on flash drive, notebook not included)
6- magnetic base

General Specifications:
Balancing speed range: 300 to 20000 RPM
Amplitude vibration range: 0.005-150 mm/sec
Vibration frequency range: 5 - 330 Hz
Accuracy: 5% of full scale
Number of correction planes: 1 or 2
Rotation speed measuring: 30-90000 RPM
Phase angle measurement error: 1 degree
Calibration Method: Trial Weights
Unbalance Readout: g mm
(g in, oz in, grams or ounces optionally)
Vibration Readout: millimeters/second
(micrometers, mils or inches/second optionally)
Display of correction angles for adding or removing rotor balance weights
Rotor Memory storage for unlimited different rotors (PC HDD limited)
Vector Splitting of unbalance corrections
Power - USB +5v
Weight of package (in hard case) - 5kg