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L.O.L Big Surprise original

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L.O.L Big Surprise original

79.50 €


  • Pievienots 11.02.2021 18:30

This is the "L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise." 

It's a bowl-shaped plastic container with 50 toy "surprises" inside. Including dolls, stickers, and accessories.

The first layer contains 10 individual capsules. These contain tiny items of clothing. Here's everything we got in our capsules. 

The second layer has 5 "fizz" balls with 15 items. Unwrapping each one reveals two stickers. Removing another layer exposes the fizz ball. Each dissolves in water to reveal a plastic charm. 

The final layer has 4 balls with 24 items total. The two smaller balls are marked "Lil Sisters." Inside each ball are more packets to open. 

There's a small doll inside one pack. The other packs contain items like bags and shoes. 

The two larger balls each have 7 items inside. Inside are items like cell phones and cups. 

Each has a larger doll with some unique features. They cry, spit, tinkle, or change color in water. 

It will take a while to open everything inside, and you will have lots of trash to clean up.

Toy Shop - Tallinn, Estonia