Ultraviolet lamp. 55W, 3 / 4", 2. 7 T/h

125 €


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Ultraviolet lamp. 55W, 3 / 4", 2. 7 T/h.

  • Full complete set.
  • 2 year warranty.

The UV lamp neutralizes all known harmful microorganisms with purification up to 99, 99%, such as E. coli, Bacillus dysentery, cholera and typhoid pathogens, hepatitis and influenza viruses, Salmonella, etc.

  • The lamp has 3/4-3/4 (input/output) connection holes.
  • Permissible flow rate 2, 7 m3 / h.

We have UV lamps of different power and performance.

This type of water purification allows to destroy bacteria and viruses due to ultraviolet radiation. Disinfection is carried out at the time of water supply for consumption in food or for domestic use.

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