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Water filter-column - remove organic matter

Sludinājuma numurs: 8426508

Water filter-column - remove organic matter

390 €


  • Daudzums 1 gab
  • Apmaksa Skaidra nauda, bankas pārvedums
  • Atrašanās vieta Rīga
  • Pievienots 02.02.2019 15:37

Remove organic matter and color from water.

Completely removes the brown or yellow color of water, as well as unpleasant odor. 100% guaranteed quality and results.

Installations Aquaphor solve a number of problems associated with the presence of organic matter in water

The filter is fully automated, regeneration occurs by washing the resin with a solution containing a large amount of salt. The microprocessor controls the water consumption and restores the ability to filter when there is an urgent need or at a convenient time for you. The filter does not require much attention, you need only a few times a month not to forget to fill up the salt in the tank.